The Principality Of Seborga

The principality of seborga

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the story behind seborga

At the unification of Italy in 1870, Seborga did not sign for the unification due to a mistake. In 1963 a resident of Seborga, which had been a monastic principality since 1079, discovered that the village had never formally become part of Italy. He thus proclaimed himself prince of Seborga, re-establishing the old principality. 
Prince Giorgio was a charismatic man who put Seborga on the map as a principality, including uniformed border guards, their own currency, own flag and own passport. The state of Italy turns a blind eye to this because it sees Seborga as a folkloric joke. However, the village of Seborga is serious about the principality and its desired independence. 
The village is now ruled by Princess Nina, who understands the fairy tale of Seborga and is determined to continue the dream.

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